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Stakhovsky: Tennis should be back in 5 weeks

The Ukrainian admitted that he is not in the best shape now.

Ukrainian tennis player Sergei Stakhovsky commented on the situation with the resumption of this season. According to him, he maintains his form, but will be fully engaged only from next week.

“I want to return to the top 100. It will be difficult to do this at the stage of an incomprehensible calendar, because I do not know how many competitions I will be able to participate in, where I will be able to go. As long as I keep myself in athletic shape to be competitive, but I’m not at the top of my form. From Monday, you need to start working normally, training, «Stakhovsky said.

“Tennis should be back in 5 weeks, a lot of sports have already returned. It should all start with the American series, which, unfortunately, will be limited, because the US Open will be without qualifications. Already in Europe, the tour will look normal, Roland Garros plan to hold with qualification. But so far it’s all in the plans, because no one knows what the situation with the pandemic will be next: whether it will develop, whether there will be a second or third wave. «

Earlier, Stakhovsky decided to pass a test for coronavirus after infecting Victor Troitsky. His test was negative. The Serbian tennis player previously took part in the Eastern European Championships tournament in Belgrade, where the Ukrainian also played.

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The athlete had previously stated that he had a desire to continue playing, but he did not see the point.


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