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New Cultures:Date of entry "Wartow Galaxy 3" leave the house.

At the other parts of the Wartow Galaxy, Sylvester Stallone and Michael Rosenbaum played small, but they forgot their roles: Stallone posed in the image of Stakar Ogord / Zoryaniy Yastrub, the same as Rosenbaum, the most recent comrade Martinex. Z quiet feast about the characters more than any other sounds was not a blunder, but wait for the chance to get a chance to turn into Marvel’s movie. Obviously, the actor itself is the same as before such a variant. At the ComicBook Internet, Rosenbaum said:

I think that James Gann’s plan to include our orientation in the “Dogs of the Galaxy 3”, but I don’t know what kind of rank to be. I think that the bulo has been planned for a long time already … You look at the credits. Ale chi є sense of rotation Stallone for nastіlki small roles? Zvichayno, I would like to have a little bit of trouble, but I’m good for you. Well, all the strength.

Also Rosenbaum rozpovіv, scho vin rozmovlyav zі Stallone with the drive of potential potential appear in the "Dogs of the Galaxy 3". Z'yasuvalos, scho zirka "Rokki" i "Rambo" tezh hot_v bi zovu zigrati at fіlmі James Gann. So right up to the director, then, please write Rosenbaum’s comments in the video to clarify the situation, having added the following to Twitter:

Pinhead turn on the screen: HBO znіme serіal

For the record: I think Michael Rosenbaum just wanted to tell you that at the very moment of their character you should turn to Marvel’s movie, but it’s not necessary to get into the third part of the Wartow Galaxy.

Transmit, schyomki start up to the end of the day, but it is not closed, the stage is active virobnitsva will be seen at the best pіznіy termіn.