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Special track: viišov posthumous klip rapper Lil Peep (Video)

New Cultures:Track uvishov in the posthumous EP "Goth Angel Sinner".

At least з & # 039; appeared the new posthumous death of the American rapper Lil Peep (Lіl Pіp), a yak pishov from life in 2017.

The track is entitled Belgium i uvishov in his posthumous album Goth Angel Sinner, releasing yak vidbuvsya in kіntsi zhovtnya.

The movie director stepping into Mezzy.

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"Belgium is a special track for me. Life of artists is chaotic, and they should be squeezed from the side, and that day in the Belgian Gent, one of them would have been rushing around, if I had a bit of a dirty Gas (Lil Pipa, — ed.)"- meaning the director.