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Singer Svetlana Tarabarova released a new sensitive clip and song “Wings” (Video) — Ukrainian News

The new maxi-single includes 4 versions of the song “Wings”: original, liquid funk version, orchestra version and dance mix, which are already available on all music platforms.

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Tarabarova (TARABAROVA) recorded a joint song with the lead singer of the INPLUS group Andrei under the name “Wings”. The woman said that their new song is about happiness in simple things.

The new single “Wings” appeared on the singer’s YouTube channel on July 1. According to the TARABAROVA team, the collaboration of two talented musicians came out completely random. Svetlana was recording her hit, while behind the wall of the recording studio she heard beautiful melodies performed by Andrey Poradovsky.

While working on a new track, I suddenly heard several notes behind the wall that touched something in my heart, and after talking with Andrei, I felt that by joining forces we could remind people through musical impulses how important it is to give sincere love in a relationship, give wings — TARABAROVA told.

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The artist is convinced that the song “Wings” reminds us that you always need to remain children in love, support, believe in each other and feel everything like the first time.

The director of the video clip in which the stars appeared was DVIZHON. It is noteworthy that the TARABAROVA video does not yet have a rounded abdomen, so she probably recorded a video clip before her second pregnancy, Svetlana Tarabarova was pregnant for the second time: a sensual photo or was in her first months.