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Since the beginning of the year, almost 1,500 offenses have been stopped due to the operation of checkpoints in the Donetsk region

For 6 months, 177 facts of illegal transportation of narcotics were documented at checkpoints, 123 facts of illegal trafficking in weapons and ammunition were revealed, 152 wanted persons were detained.

Police officers of the region, additional forces from other regions and soldiers of the National Guard are on duty around the clock at checkpoints in Donetsk region. The purpose of their service is to prevent destabilization of the situation and to prevent terrorist attacks, sabotage, and the commission of serious crimes. Priority for law enforcement officers remains the task of identifying weapons, ammunition, explosives, as well as persons involved in illegal armed groups.

In the first half of the year, law enforcement officers documented 177 cases of drug trafficking. Thus, in March, police officers from Kurakhovo and Pokrovsk found and confiscated methadone from two drivers at two checkpoints.

In addition, 123 cases of illicit trafficking in weapons and ammunition and 92 wanted mobile terminals were identified. In February, police stopped a car driven by a Kirovohrad Oblast resident at the Bogatyr checkpoint and confiscated 120 rounds of 5.45 mm caliber automatic weapons, 7 9 mm cartridges, and an RGD-5 grenade without a fuse. The man was prosecuted for the illegal act.

Thanks to the security system, 152 people were detained who, while wanted, tried to cross the checkpoint under the guise of civilians. In addition, 203 persons who, according to the GUNP databases in the region, may be involved in illegal armed groups, and 10 missing persons have been identified. Only yesterday, July 16, at a checkpoint near Slovyansk, law enforcement officers found a missing teenager from the Lviv region who had left home to join the ranks of servicemen in the environmental protection zone. The minor was returned home.

In the first half of 2020, more than 35,000 units of freight transport, more than 1.2 million cars and more than 2.1 million individuals passed through the checkpoints of the region.

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