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Since the beginning of the summer, Donetsk police have documented almost 11,300 traffic violations

Of these — 993 facts of driving while intoxicated. The price of ignoring safety rules is human life. Read more about the main causes of accidents and ways to avoid them.

A total of 411 road accidents have occurred on the region’s roads since June 1, a quarter of which were among the victims. 150 people were injured and 16 died.

Of the main factors of accidents — non-compliance with the speed limit, violation of the rules of maneuvering and driving while intoxicated.

Every day since the beginning of the holiday season, police have prosecuted drunk drivers. A total of 993 citizens have been suspended from driving.

The accident, which was caused by a drunk driver, occurred today, August 25, in Kramatorsk. The man lost control of the car and crashed into a tree. The helmsman and his passenger were injured in the accident.

The holiday season continues today. Usually the whole family goes on vacation. To get to their destination as soon as possible, drivers disregard the rules and drive up to 12 hours without a break.

Donetsk police urge to be vigilant on the roads and strictly follow the rules of the road to save their lives and those around them.

We remind you that the transportation of children in cars less than 145 cm in height without special safety equipment (child car seat) is prohibited, as well as their transportation in the front seat under the age of 12. Minors must be restrained on the right side to avoid their direct access to the carriageway and not to create a dangerous situation.

Always wear seat belts. They can save lives in the event of an unforeseen situation. Avoid risky maneuvers and follow the speed limit.

Safe road to you!

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