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Shakhtar — Wolfsburg: video goals 3: 0 — Ukrainian News

Shakhtar’s head coach talks about the match against Wolfsburg in the 1/8 of the Europa League.

Shakhtar defeated Wolfsburg and reached the quarterfinals of the Europa League. The Pitmen scored three goals in the final minutes of the match.

“Good impression. The team was strong almost all the time. Maybe we didn’t start well the first 10-15 minutes, Wolfsburg pressed us with high pressure, we didn’t use the zones we had to use. But then we played well. «

«Marlos, Tyson, Moraes had moments, there were five moments… In the second half we set a goal — to score a goal. I said at the press conference: our goal is to win, fortunately, we have achieved a good result, which brought us to the quarterfinals, we continue. «

“We created five moments, we could have scored five goals… No, this is not the case in football. There is a human error, we do not succeed in life, it happened in the game. We have to wait for the right moment to score. We are very happy to have given joy to the fans. Our task is to make the fans happy, we are happy with a good game. It is important to prepare the team in six days for Eintracht or Basel. «

“We work every day to win. Sometimes we fail and we get upset. We see that our work is offset by victories. In football, everything happens suddenly and life can change. Sometimes you see that you are doing work and the results are not improving. We became champions, we reached the quarterfinals of LE, this is a fantastic club, a great administration that regularly supports us. There is nothing wrong with our team. «

«We won three matches in the Europa League, once we drew. We are in the quarterfinals of the Europa League. Our thoughts in European Cup matches. Unfortunately, we flew out of the Champions League, but the balance in my team now pleases us. In football you need to act, work, this is what people are interested in. And we do it — we work! Everything can be changed suddenly, I do not deny, «Luis Castro said on the Football 1 channel.

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