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Ecoraider Pavel Kuftyrev aimed to capture a new object - the Nikolaev alumina plant
Ecoraider Pavel Kuftyrev aimed to capture a new object — the Nikolaev alumina plant

Eco-raider Pavel Kuftyrev is behind the raids on the Nikolaev alumina plant. He tries to block work of the largest enterprise of the Nikolaev area, writes Obozrevatel.

Kuftyrev’s goal is to «knock down» money from a successful business. To do this, he founded a pocket public organization «Stop Sludge». «Activists» of this organization suddenly took care of the sludge settling tank of the Nikolaev alumina existing for many decades which allegedly represents danger for locals. «They began to panic about it among locals who, as mass media report, tried to involve in any ways in ranks of GO — for» mass «and for giving weight to own actions concerning the Nikolaev alumina plant», — Obozrevatel writes.

The fake nature of the organization is confirmed by its Facebook page. It was created on January 27, 2020 — 10 days after the registration of the NGO. On February 4, one by one, with a difference of a minute or two, 13 news items about the dangers of red sludge were published. “Another post was published almost a week later, on February 10. And all, more human rights activists have nothing to say to these very people, «the article reads.

Formally, «Stop Sludge» is headed by Vasily Orel, however, according to media reports, the organization is headed by Alexei Frenchman Kuftyrev. Together, they are seeking a «correct» expert opinion on the chemical composition of the sludge in order to knock out «compensation» from the plant through the courts. «Besides money Kuftyrev can be interested also in an opportunity to influence owners of the Nikolaev alumina plant, and also, probably, on other enterprises which activity to a certain extent is tied on the production made by the Nikolaev alumina», — the edition writes.

Under this scheme, Kuftyrev and his right-hand man, the Frenchman, have been raiding successful businesses for the past few years. For example, they used a similar tactic to hit BRSM-Nafta. The company is being raided with the help of the fake NGO «Fund for Overcoming the Consequences of the Vasilkovsky Tragedy.» To put pressure on Agromars Complex, a large chicken producer under the Gavrilovskie Kurchata brand, Kuftyrev created the Green Fund NGO.


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