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Seven-year-old son of Zelensky has had coronavirus | Odessa news

The boy was in the hospital with his mother.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, during a working trip to the Nikolaev region, said that his son had had a coronavirus.

«Got sick my wife and my son. They were treated together in the hospital, ”the president said.

Zelensky said that children tolerate the disease more easily.

“Adults are very difficult to tolerate this disease. Even young, healthy people who go in for sports. Therefore, I wish everyone good health and very much ask everyone to be careful. Because, especially now, people have stopped, in principle, to adhere to any quarantine measures. Nobody is afraid of anything. Trust our family — no one is afraid until someone near you gets sick with this disease. It is completely exhausting, ”the president said.

We will remind, on June 12, it became known that Elena Zelenskaya received a positive test result for Covid-19. On June 16, she was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia and was admitted to one of the capital’s hospitals.

On July 3, Zelenskaya was discharged from the hospital.

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