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Second Sumy Hospital to be opened in Sumy for COVID-19 patients

This was announced at a press conference after the premiere of the film in Kiev by the general producer of the film company «InsightMedia» Volodymyr Filippov, Ukrinform correspondent reports.

«Thanks to our SVOEkino rental company, we appear on the screens of all preserved cinemas in the country, which, unfortunately, are smaller than before the quarantine,» Filippov said.

According to Olga Skripachova, the head of SVOEkino, there are 138 cinemas — almost all of which operate in Ukraine today, including small towns.

According to Filippov, the promotion of the tape is underway. «We have already been to Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Zhytomyr. The next cities are Poltava, Kharkiv, Sumy, Dnipro, Zaporizhia. We show movies both in the East and in the West. And every premiere is a great communication… I hope that we will have an interesting story with the audience who is interested in Ukrainian cinema, ”the producer emphasized.

Director and screenwriter Andriy Ivanyuk noted that the film is based on real stories, including his personal one. I tried to show the life «between battles», the life of a simple soldier. And add to this what happens to guys when there is the most «contact», which guys then return and how to live with them, communicate. That is, what «baggage» they carry with them — both positive and negative, «- said Ivanyuk.

According to actor Bohdan Beniuk, who played one of the main roles, it was the director’s idea to shoot him in the role of «Beard», and he himself did not imagine himself in the role of a fighter. «But Andriy said that he needed me with his energy. And when we shot the video, we were in the frame together with Anatoliy Maksymyuk, I realized that we should try ourselves in such a guise, ”the actor said.

He is sure that most viewers who will watch this movie will understand that behind the scenes is a war that is almost invisible. «How many dangers lurk on these fighters, who were simply given this day by fate so that they would not shoot at each other… This is a peaceful day — one a year,» Benyuk said about the film.

The actor is convinced that the film and its character will be interesting to people living in Donbass, on the line of demarcation. «I think everyone who comes from the part of Ukraine where the war is going on will» catch «their nuances in this film — whether you get into his worldview or not. It seems to me that they got it — given that there are a huge number of such people in the East, «he said.

As noted, the prototype of the protagonist Vladimir Marchenko (real «Beard»), to whom the film is dedicated, died in 2020, without seeing the picture.

For the performer of the second leading role — «Director» — Anatoly Maksimyuk and cameraman Andriy Kotlyar, participation in this film was a creative debut.

The operator, in particular, told that the majority of shootings took place in the Nikolaev area on the Shiroky Lan range, a part — in Fastov. The film itself, he said, in many ways resembles a documentary about the war.

The protagonist of «Vostok» with the call sign «Beard» — a restless optimist who can solve any problem. He goes to the headquarters to «knock out» everything necessary to provide for his unit. He takes a newcomer, who is called «Director», as his partner. Together they will have to go through checkpoints, frontline towns and villages, meet with military and civilians and get into various trouble.

The film also starred Maksym Donets, Serhiy Solopay, Volodymyr Osadchy, Kateryna Stepankova, Albina Sotnikova, Ivan Maistrenko, and Olena Shlyak.

The film was created by InsightMedia with the support of the State Film Agency.

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