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«SBU General involved in Gandziuk’s assassination» — Manger

Officers from the Federal Security Service (FSB) and other law enforcement agencies in the Russian-occupied Crimea use torture, including beatings, electric shocks, and strangulation, to force people to testify.

Photo: Reuters

This is stated in a recently published report by the UN Secretary General on Crimea, the UN Monitoring Mission for Human Rights in Ukraine said on Monday, July 13, on its Facebook page, reports DW.

None of the perpetrators has been prosecuted in any of the cases of torture and ill-treatment recorded by the UN mission in Crimea. The courts either completely ignored victims’ complaints of torture and ill-treatment, or ordered formal investigations that were completed without any charges, the mission said.

The UN Secretary-General’s report states that the risk of torture and ill-treatment is particularly high during arbitrary arrests and detention without contact with the outside world.

In documented cases, after the victims were admitted to the Simferopol SIZO or temporary detention facilities, the medical staff usually refused to examine them and record the injuries they had.

«The level of impunity was such that in some cases, FSB officers subjected victims to ill-treatment in front of their lawyers, who were called in by the state to provide defense on purpose. The latter did not take any measures to protect their customers«, — said in a statement the mission.

The UN Secretary-General’s report on Crimea calls on Russia to bring the perpetrators to justice and to promptly and effectively investigate all allegations of torture, ill-treatment, arbitrary arrests and detentions in annexed Crimea.

The UN reminded that the prohibition of torture and ill-treatment is absolute and does not provide for any exceptions.

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