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Retail trade in Canada resumed after the coronary crisis

As Ukrinform reports, it reports Voice of America.

New York State Attorney General Leticia James has launched an investigation into Donald Trump and the Trump Organization on suspicion of manipulating asset values ​​to secure loans and obtain economic and tax benefits.

«This became known on Monday after Attorney General Leticia James filed a petition with the New York State Court in Manhattan for the Trump Organization, Eric Trump (son of the head of the White House — ed.) And others to submit to its agenda,» — said in. message.

According to James, she began her investigation after former personal lawyer and Donald Trump’s aide Michael Cohen said at a congressional hearing that the president’s financial statements overestimated the value of some assets, saving money on loans and insurance. the value of other assets is reduced to reduce property taxes.

It is specified that the purpose of the inspection is four properties: an area of ​​85.8 hectares north of New York, a building on Wall Street, 40 in downtown Manhattan, Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles and an international hotel, and also the Trump Tower in Chicago.

The Republican Party of the United States has reportedly formally nominated incumbent White House President Donald Trump as its presidential candidate and approved Mike Pence, who currently holds the post, as its presidential candidate.

Photo: The White House


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