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Reper Drake letting go of the clip on the Toosie Slide note — Ukrainian news

I’m able to help Ukrainian singer Jamala, I’m able to attend 2016, to enter through online concert for пvrobachennya.

Після скасування Єvrobachennya-2020, Yak guilty in vomiting together in Rotterdam, through the coronavirus pandemic, the organizers knew an alternative option, as well as competitors and competitors and launched the online concert “ач роб ач св св св св св тить тить тить тить тить тить тить тить тить тить тить тить.”

The episode of such a concert is to transfer the participants to the competition, including those who are guilty, as if they are guilty of a boulevard, struggling to reassign to the whole of Russia. Contestants will understand the author’s composition and cover version of the original music version.

So, at her own special place in instagram, Jamala meant that, if I could, I would be able to resign Yakobi zdobula to робvrobachenny in 2016 ро.

"I will see 10 April, I will, of course, I’m resigning our remuneration 1944. But not all of them yet! Organizers of the invitations have been reluctant to ask for one more message: you must go to the fourth day of transfer, I have to leave 4 weeks, I’m available for 4 days. The virshalny vibir is yours! "— wrote sp_vachka.

Jamala vibrated, like a hot dog, and you can hear the rumors in the third-party, to check the channels in the Twitter account. Vote before the evening.

Vikonavitsya has shared with us, as if I’m better to understand:

"Єvrobachennya-2020": organizers host an online concert

— the letter from the Swedish Loreen Euphoria spouse, from the very beginning, represented Sweden at the written competition for Euro 2012 and I can help;

— Heroes of Sweden Mons Selmerlev’s letter, having presented Sweden at the written competition in Europe in 2015, I canceled;

— the letter Amar Pelos Dois of the Portuguese spivak Salvador Zibral, with a kind of change of hands in Eurobachen in 2017;

— I’m writing Arcade of the Dutch Speaker Duncan Lawrence, who represented Nyderlandi at the 2019 2019 Tel Aviv і peremіg.