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Remember the reputation? Ex-head of DABI Kudryavtsev wants to close the case of forged diploma

First unsuccessful attempts to «bleach» in the media, and now an attempt to close the case of a fake diploma. Former head of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate Alexei Kudryavtsev, known as the «father of modern corruption in the construction industry» is trying to close the criminal case against him.

Illustration: StopCor

Kudryavtsev was dismissed from the post of DABI chairman on December 12, 2018. The reason for his resignation was the fact that he applied for a job fake diploma of higher education.

Such conclusions were reached by the Commission on the Senior Civil Service after receiving a letter from the Technical University of Moldova, which allegedly graduated from Kudryavtsev. In high schools denied that such student studied at them and declared that never issued the diploma which Kudryavtsev submitted to DABI, writes UNN.

«The conclusions of the Commission were based on the documents we received from the National Police, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Technical University of Moldova, and the Moldovan police were also involved. Militiamen reported that they have information about a fake diploma and have already opened a criminal case. By the way, Mr. Kudryavtsev is summoned for interrogation in Chisinau to testify. « — explained then the head of the National Agency for Civil Service Konstantin Vashchenko.

Konstantin Vashchenko Photo: Glavkom

However, as it turned out, the National Police not only handed over the necessary documents to the Commission, but also opened a criminal case against Oleksiy Kudryavtsev, according to a source in the news agency.

«In December 2018, the police opened a case against Kudryavtsev under Art. 358 h 1, 4 and Art. 190 h. 4 forgery of documents, use of forged documents and fraud on a particularly large scale. The total term is up to 12 years with confiscation of property «, Said the source.

According to him, the case was initially not investigated very actively due to the fact that the presidential and then the parliamentary election campaigns began.

As a result, Kudryavtsev even decided that he was «carried away», and a year after his resignation he tried to invest in self-promotion to whitewash his reputation and, if possible, to attach himself to Goncharuk’s Cabinet. But he burned in the clumsy PR and only attracted the attention of law enforcement officers to his person. « The source explained.

He noted that Kudryavtsev had to hide again for six months, and he decided to make another attempt to return to public policy to settle the issue of his criminal case.

«Kudryavtsev is secretly trying to resolve the issue of his criminal case for a fake diploma. His goal to close the proceedings on all articles. And he even managed to do it with the help of the State Bureau of Investigation, but… a gift from the DBR to the ex-chairman of the DABI was canceled by the court. Materials of criminal proceedings №62019100000000813 are aimed at continuing the pre-trial investigation«, — the source reported.

Photo: screenshot

As reported StopCor before, Mr. Kudryavtsev, who publicly accused in bribery and forgery of his own educational documents, he has also recently launched a massive «anti-crisis PR campaign» to whitewash his tarnished reputation.

We will remind, in due time in the press wrote a lot about corruption schemes allegedly introduced by Kudryavtsev and Shevchenko, whose department was key to all shadow flows.

The first scheme related to the sabotage of DABI lawsuits: loss in the court of first instance, imitation of an appeal and filing a complaint, and then non-payment of court fees and failure to meet the deadline for appeal. According to journalists, such a scheme allowed the issuance of permits bypassing the «box office».

Another scheme also provided for «contractual» and deliberate loss in the courts, but in order to restore the abolished in the order of supervision of dubious urban conditions and restrictions. At first, the DABI demonstratively canceled scandalous documents to appease the outraged public, and then the documents resumed their action by court order.

The third scheme — earnings on fines. For 30-50% of the amount of the fine, the DABI allegedly «forgot» to pay the court fee and missed the deadline for appeals.

In general, according to the information Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, due to these schemes, the state budget has lost significant amounts of penalties. During the three years of joint work of Kudryavtsev and Shevchenko, the Department of Legal Support of the State Anti-Corruption Service collected only 122.6 million hryvnias in fines for violations of the law — only 13.3% of the total amount of sanctions, which should have amounted to almost 920 million hryvnias.

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