In the Odessa region, a minibus hit a 12-year-old boy

A 12-year-old boy, returning home after playing with friends, decided to cross the street and ran out into the road abruptly, where he was hit by a minibus. According to the press service of the GDNP in the Odessa region, the boy was taken to the hospital with a head injury, now he is in […]

The rector of the Academy of Law is summoned for interrogation at the State Bureau of Investigation — Kivalov returned to Odessa and will act as a lawyer | News of Odessa

Former people’s deputy, head of the National University «Odessa Law Academy» Sergey Kivalov returned to Odessa. Even before the start of a full-scale war, the ex-people’s deputy left Ukraine in advance and rested in Dubai and London. But when I found out that the State Bureau of Investigation was summoning the rector of the Academy […]

In Odessa, the Regional Peace Council received more than 5,000 calls asking for help

“Team members are not just volunteers, they are warriors of the world, angels of goodness, on whom thousands of lives depend. And the sense of responsibility even supplanted the instinct of self-preservation,” Tamila Afanasyeva, head of the OOSM, emphasized. OOSM team: — supplied parts with medications, bulletproof vests— organized the collection and delivery of water […]

in the Odessa region, a man will be tried for murder

In Tarutino, an intoxicated attacker strangled the victim, and in order to avert suspicion, he called the police himself. This was reported in the press service of the GUNP in the Odessa region. The man told the police that he returned home, which he rented with a friend, and found him already dead. However, the […]

In the east of the country, Ukrainian defenders repulsed 11 enemy attacks and destroyed an enemy Su-25 today | News of Odessa

The invaders fired at 25 settlements in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. On May 16, on the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine today repelled 11 attacks of rashists. This was reported in the grouping of the Joint Forces. “The grouping of the Joint Forces continues to conduct a […]

Donors of Odessa resist the occupiers and bring victory closer

During the 100 days of the war, at the blood transfusion station in the City Clinical Hospital No. 11, Odessa residents donated 225 liters of blood and 224 liters of plasma. This amount of blood products can save the lives of about 1000 people. Blood donation is also resistance to the enemy and the path […]

Minister of Defense of Ukraine awarded the military in Odessa

Being in Odessa, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov awarded the servicemen of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. It is reported by the Ukrainian Navy. The minister presented awards in the form of firearms and edged weapons and valuable gifts to the military. “Despite the fact that our common cause of repulsing the […]

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Ukraine needs Ukrainian heroes alive — this is our principle | News of Odessa

The President commented on the situation in Mariupol. “The 82nd day of our defense is coming to an end. Difficult day. But this day, like all the others, is aimed precisely at protecting our country and our people. Regarding the situation in Mariupol. Thanks to the actions of the Ukrainian military — the Armed Forces […]

Five more accomplices of the occupiers were identified in the Odessa region

The Security Service of Ukraine continues to work on documenting supporters of the military aggression of the Russian Federation. So, in the Odessa region, SBU cyber experts exposed five more supporters of the rashist bulk, who publicly justified Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine and supported the actions of the invaders. This was reported in the […]

We now have so many Harpoons that we can sink the entire Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation

Ukraine received enough Harpoon anti-ship missiles to sink all the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet during defensive operations. This was stated by the speaker of the Odessa military administration Sergei Bratchuk in his Telegram. “Beautiful, by the way, anti-ship missile. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated during trials and in combat. After completing the […]