Two people died, three in the hospital — the consequences of an accident in the Odessa region (photo, video)

Two people died as a result of an accident that occurred near the village of Yaski, Belyaevsky District, police said. According to preliminary information, the 31-year-old Renault car driver lost control, the car drove into a ditch, crashed into a tree, and then caught fire. As a result of the accident, two people died, for […]

And about. Director of Odesgorelectrotrans will be Natalia Kolesnichenko

Dmitry Zheman will head the department of municipal services. November 1 is the last day of Dmitry Zheman as the head of KP Odesgorelectrotrans. The mayor of Odessa appointed him Director of the Department of Municipal Economy Odessa City Council. As was informed in the press service of Odesgorelectrotrans, Natalya Kolesnichenko, deputy Zhemana, will […]

Doctors in Odessa sound the alarm: an epidemic of an infectious disease is possible

In Odessa, as well as throughout Ukraine, a week ago an epidemic of SARS and influenza began. Throughout the last week, information has also been received on the registration of cases of diphtheria. Over the week, the situation in the country worsened. For this reason, a press conference was held in Odessa. At the […]

Frost is expected at night in Odessa

Already this night in Odessa, it will get colder, weather forecasters predict a drop in temperature to two degrees below zero. The air temperature during the daytime on November 1 is up to 9 degrees Celsius, at night it can reach up to 2 frosts, the Hydrometeorological Center of the Black and Azov Seas reports. […]

In Odessa, the dismantling of the bas-relief of the marshal of victory, caused a public outcry

On Thursday, October 31, in Odessa, the memorial sign to Marshal of the USSR G.K. As it became known, the dismantling was carried out by social activists from the “National opposite”, to whom the military themselves gave the go-ahead. The mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, regarded this action, like many citizens, specifically "as a spit […]

In the center of Odessa, a house was mined

The police received a message about mining a house in the Primorsky district of Odessa. The evacuation of people. The building and grounds are checked for explosive devices. It is worth recalling that for a false report on mining, a penalty of imprisonment for a term of two to seven years is provided.

In Odessa region, opened a training center for the training of ship chefs

This unique center was opened on the basis of the training center for seafarers, and so far it is the only educational institution in Ukraine to train international-level specialists that will allow graduates to work on cruise ships. For training future cooks they use modern equipment and the latest technology. At the same time, beginners […]

A spontaneous landfill grows on Tairov (photo)

Branches, household appliances, construction waste, furniture, and even pine — this is how the house territory looks like near building No. 1 of building No. 83 along Akademika Koroleva Street. Judging by the amount of garbage, it has not been taken out since the new year. Residents of the house left a complaint on the […]