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Culture News:Monatik became the new member of the jury of the song project “Voice of the Country — 10”.

Popular star performer Dmitry Monatik became the new star trainer for future participants in the song contest “Voice of the Country — 10”.

This was reported on the official page of the project on Instagram with a link to the account of the 1 + 1 TV channel of one of the most popular TikTok social networks: “Wow! @monatik_official Becoming a trainer for the tenth season of the show #voice. Marvel at the first issue of the project as early as 19th".

Dmitry Monatik shared his hope for victory in the anniversary season, and also spoke about his expectations at blind auditions: “I really looked forward to the 10th anniversary season of the project “Voice of the Country”. It will be explosive and unforgettable. I am sincerely convinced that this will be grandiose, because the spectators will find the main battle of the era, the battle of generations, experimenters, dreamers and talents. I want to put together a team of real rhythmoloves in order to create, collaborate and delight the listener with my favorite tracks in our own interpretation. These are the participants with whom I am ready to go to victory, and I believe in each of them. Time, work and their burning eyes will show who gets to the live broadcasts and to the finals. Now they are all equally valuable to me, and with each of them I want to work".

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Recall that have already confirmed their participation in the project Ukrainian singer Tina Karol and Moldavian artist Dan Balan. The vocal television show will begin on January 19, 2020.

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