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The Oscar is held in the United States cinematography since 1929, but we can’t forget about the status, prestige and authority. The one who hides the famous statuette — pretenses on evil in Kar'єrі, demand and mittve zrostannya popularity.

Independently at the May table of the canon, the so-called award "Oscar, the organizers of the festival love to finish the peppercorn and complete the ceremony of being rewarded with leather rock. For the most part, please give me the rest for 30 years.

Oscar 2020 date and date

Since 2001, the rock ceremony of the Oscars was held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. In addition, yak has become a permanent venue for popular events, there are about 3400 members.

So, in the whole center of famous celebrities, I will again accept all the honorable ones until the "Oscar 2020" as early as 9th fierce 2020 rock.

Perelіk podі Oscar-2020

  • Oscar 2020 rooku shortlisted stubborn — 16th birthday 2019 roku

  • Golosuvannya nomіnatsіy (cob) — 2 sec 2020 spring

  • Golosuvannya nomіnatsіy (completed) — 7 September 2020 rock

  • Goloshennya nomіnantіv — 13 thirties 2020 rock

  • Snіdanok nomіnantіv — 27 thirties 2020 rock

  • Ear of residual vote — 30 hours 2020 rock

  • The completion of the residual vote — 4 fierce 2020 rock

  • 92nd Oscar Award Ceremony — 9th Fierce 2020 Rock

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Again without a lead

Hopefully, the American people evaluated the Oscars-2019 without a lead, even all, even if they were due to win, made an atmosphere unforgettable without the help of a brave person. So, a month before the Oscars-2020, organizers of the ceremony officially announced that they would pass without a supervisor’s supervisor.

Earlier, ABC Entertainment Keri’s Keri Bourke announced that she didn’t want to join Oscar’s organizer to the new format, protege comrade ’TV presenter Jimmy Kіmemel for the role of lead vidhilena. Dodamo, in 2017 and 2018 Rokah Sam Vin having held an Oscar award ceremony. And in 2019, Rotsі Kevin Garth himself had the idea to lead the prize through those who could have American ambiguity ambiguously sprinkled their fervor about homosexuality.

Name the nomination

At the end of 2019 rocket season, unwritten celebration of the winners of the Oscars-2019, the organizers of the festival rewarded the newly introduced rules for the opening ceremony. On the other hand, there was a clash with the name of the category, like a bagato rock, a chance to win unremarkable, as I mean a curvature, here are old. For example, the word "Inozemniy" is getting accustomed more and more, to that, unanimously, the decision was taken to replace the deputy yogo. So, the nomination "Foreign Language Film" (BVI), renaming to the "International Feature Film" (International Feature Film).

Zbіlshennya nomіnantnyh mіsts in okremich categories

In addition to the name nomination, to claim popular pages, the Oscar 2020 organizers announced that in the okrimich category of awards for helping to overcome more paintings. So, the nomination “Make-up and hair-dressing” made the film film three to five, and the short list from seven to ten.

What is the Bulo? Representatives of the Oscars 2020 published the list of changes

Obmezhennya for participants

"Do you want to express the bazhan to the Oscar statuette? Touch all the rules", — so it’s possible to describe the newly introduced rules by the organizers of the movie 2020 rock. In the spring of 2019, they announced that they would like to pretend to statuettes in the nominations "The Short Short Film" and "The Short Short Film", New York, New York, France Oscar 2020 Prize ceremony.

Oscar for Ukraine

The first long-list of Oscar-2020 was spent by the gucci Ukrainian page "Dodoma", directed by Nariman Aliyev. The plot of the film is rooted around the Krimsk Tatar and the second dvoh of the blue, as if they violated to Kiev after the anonymous Krimu. Through the death of one of them, the father came to Kiev, so that they could take back the property and take it from Muslim traditions. At the same time, the last sync is not rosimny rishhenny dad and consume pre-trimmed tradition. It’s a pity that the Dodom’s pages didn’t have the opportunity to shortlist the main Oscar-2020 nominations.