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Putin has decided to cancel a trip to the Crimea — details

Late last year, police detained members of an organized crime group that stole premium cars. The gang carried out its criminal activities in different regions of Ukraine. The «fleet» of criminals included cars «Jaguar», «Lexus», «Land Rover» and others.

At one time, law enforcement officers conducted 15 urgent searches in Kyiv region and other settlements of Ukraine. Special equipment for registering car keys, devices for opening and starting cars and a device for searching for GPS beacons, license plates were seized as material evidence.

Currently, the detained criminals have been informed about the suspicion of committing a crime under Part 3 of Art. 289 of the Criminal code of Ukraine and pre-judicial investigation comes to the end.

However, operative measures are underway to search for two more people involved. They are on the all-Ukrainian state wanted list.

He is the organizer of this criminal group Pavlenko Dmitry Nikolaevich, A 37-year-old resident of Vasylkiv. A former police officer, he served in the Cobra unit. Previously convicted of similar crimes.

A 51-year-old man is also wanted Ragulin Andrey Mikhailovich, a resident of Vasylkiv. It was this man who provided garages for changing the numbers of units, set up sales channels for stolen vehicles.

Dear citizens! If you know the whereabouts of the wanted thieves, or you can report to the police any information that may help detain these people, do not be indifferent, call the special line 102. Anonymity and reward is guaranteed!

Kyiv Region Police Communication Department

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