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Prior to the Chornobil disaster of the group Artordogs presented a clip for the Chotiri Sini message — Ukrainian news

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    Korolivska Academy of Magic

    The books of Nadiya Kuzmіnoї chakluni and vidim to learn, as if in a decent and decent decent home mortgage, all the same rock. The magicians are engaged in the selection of students, so as to find the middle of thousands of children with magical health. Wow, the magical gift for the whole fantastic story is transmitted from generation to generation, ale іnodі vіn raptovo viyavlyaetsya at dіtey z naybіlsh zvichaynyh sіmei.

    At the academy, I don’t only have lessons in charisma and magic, but I try to vigorously study the most important subjects: history and biology, geography and fortification. First courses in senior courses of chakluni and vіdmi repair the knowledge of the neurological svіt charіvnitstva і magії. And by the end of the year, the graduates see a special license.

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    University of Enchantment

    Here I want to get to the weekend of my charms of obov'yazkіv magіv, so that I will be interchanged for state services. When necessary, store all the necessary two examinations: by degree and literacy. Yakshcho maybutnіy magician vibiraє peace is special, then you can pay students a deposit to the treasury once, and the axis of battle magicians should take an oath of blood. At the bottom of the Tashі Tanarі i Helgi Khov, you can learn about the principles of meeting alkhimіkіv, seers, people і bagatokh іnshih charіvnikіv, so as to become a year to serve your own state.

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    At the center of respect for the gray books of Kassandry Claire and Hall Black Blew Magisterium — Call me not to be hired and seized by the earth, but may come Maybut magicians. Kozhen from them proyishov nayzhorstokіsіy vіdbіr і shche before entering to the school and giving his right to become a magician.

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    School of Good and Evil

    With a stretch of two, watch the leathers of Chotiri Roki in the small town of Gavaldon at night, there’s a mysterious weekend. Vin zabiraє to the school of Good and Evil dvokh divchatok. The serie of books of Somalia Tea is independent of those that are written about food and drink, and that is like an innocent cossack;

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    Kazkova right school

    The gray books of Jen Kaloniti іsnuє kazkova have a right school, as a result of changing the identity of the most cossack characters themselves, they have blamed their reputation for being nonsense and rude, forlorn and irrelevant. Teachers of a prestigious school — recapture the characters of the old Cossacks, and the priestess herself is the poppyushka's stepmother.

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    Faculty of Fire

    The School of Fire at the Academy of Literature and Science has once every 33 rock days. Far from all the bazhayuchi to play to the warehouse of students, but only once in the academy I was attacked by ludin, a certain person is not guilty of having come to the academy. Well, the course itself has appeared to be especially distinctive in our present relationship. Z "Vognennoy faculty" reader tіlki mending pіznavati charіvnі svіti writer Alex Kosh.

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    Guild Mag_v

    Guild of Magics, set by the writer Trudі Kanavan, is not a school. The scholars of scholarship could have been scholars of history from the most famous homelands, and the axis of the common people hats to the recognition of the charities of the Bolsheviks. Alya once a gift of magic wailing at the wicked villains, the evil Sonya. Under tsyomu, the strength of the gift of Bula Taka, scho гgnoruvati yogi bulo is simply impotent. With a lot of Sonya’s special features, the following battles erupted: the magicians of Guild are ready to take care of the health of the common people, and the axis of the dark is on the physical basis of the number of villains. Thu, іnodі і vіd prikhilnik і can be unsuccessfully rendered deadly blow.

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    School in Karmartenі

    The school in Karmarteni was invented by the scribe Anna Korostelova. I ce naikrasha school, yak zagaglі mozhe isnuvat. There are absolutely no resemblances to the teacher’s great teachers: immortal magicians, gods of honor, middle age people. The first bosses here are Merlin himself, who can give their own lessons to the students, and the pustuniv and the povrushnikov obitsyaє are consolidated, but by their very own it is terrible to be a little desperate.

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