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Police opened criminal proceedings on two facts of stubble arson in Slovyansky district

Continuation of corruption lawlessness in the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine
Continuation of corruption lawlessness in the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

The purchase of various resources by state companies at the expense of budget funds has long held the palm of supremacy in terms of corruption risks, but among the leaders clearly stands out the economy, which is the responsibility of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

The great combiner Vladislavov Krikliy invented and implemented a lot of ingenious schemes. Our case is distinguished by two properties simultaneously. Namely, the huge amount to be cut, and the simplicity of the combination of high-ranking thieves.

On June 2, 2020, the Prozorro procurement website published information on the purchase of 220 automated recording systems for traffic violations with an estimated purchase price of UAH 180,400,000. Customer: State Agency for Infrastructure Projects of Ukraine. We have already written about the violations that took place during the purchase of the signal batch of such automated fixation systems.. In the same material, we pointed out the impending gross violation of the law during the main procurement and, unfortunately, we were not mistaken.

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Without being sly, only one structure was admitted to the delivery of 220 of these kits under the negotiated procedure: Ukrainian System Innovations LLC, affiliated through fictitious persons with the Minister of Infrastructure V. Crickley. Of course, this Company was recognized as a bidder of the order, and the actual amount of the contract repeated the indicative and amounted to exactly the same 180,400,000 UAH. As a justification of the position, the organizers put forward the thesis that only this Company has a connection to the System of photo and video recording of traffic violations (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine).

Already on July 10, Klansystems filed a complaint with the AMCU against the Customer’s decision to enter into a contract, which, in particular, stated that conducting a contractual procurement procedure without open bidding contradicts the current legislation in the field of public procurement, namely, restricts competition and wrongfully significantly narrows the circle of participants. Indeed, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement”, open bidding is defined as the main procurement procedure. The negotiated procedure is provided only as an exception. The reason for the application of the negotiated procedure in this case is the lack of competition for technical reasons.

In accordance with the Minutes № 1 of the meeting of the Tender Committee of the State Agency for Infrastructure Projects of Ukraine from July 1, 2020, it is determined that for the successful completion of the procurement, the Supplier Kit must meet three criteria, namely:

I. To have the certificate of check of type on conformity to the Technical regulation of legally regulated means of measuring equipment;

II. Expert opinion on compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents on technical protection of information;

III. Positive conclusion on the implementation of measures for technical integration in accordance with the «Procedure. operation of the system for recording administrative offenses in the field of road safety in automatic mode. «

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No other criteria for compliance of the delivered Complexes with the Customer’s requests were developed by the Customer itself, as the connection of the Complexes to the System of photo and video recording of traffic violations (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine) was not defined as such a criterion. This requirement of the Customer is absurd and contradicts its own regulatory framework.

The Complaint to the AISW of Ukraine rightly states that all the necessary conditions determined by the Customer are met by the goods of at least three organizations: the company «Klansystems», as well as the companies «Voka Stream» and «Inter-Fort». We would like to add that on July 20, Video Sphere and Video Internet Technologies also had all the necessary documentation to participate in the open bidding.

In its Complaint, the applicant requests the AISW of Ukraine to oblige the Customer to cancel the negotiated procedure for the purchase of Complexes as such, which does not meet the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine. Clansystems LLC’s claims appear to be fully substantiated, reasoned and subject to satisfaction. But this is where the fun begins.

On the day of filing and registration of the complaint in the prescribed manner, the subject of the appeal suddenly withdraws his document, so clearly and without explaining his strange behavior, because the probability of meeting the requirements set out in the complaint was very high. Behavior is strange, if you do not remember what amount is at stake: almost 180.5 million UAH. High-ranking organizers of the corruption scheme, led by Minister W. Crickley, could not allow such a jackpot to fall out of their hands. And holding open trades and admitting independent business entities to the market sharply reduced the chances of success of corrupt dealers. We will never know which methods of pressure were applied to the management of Clan Systems, but obviously these methods proved to be quite effective if, having an extremely strong position, Clan systems disavows its own statement on the day of its submission. (The text of the complaint dated 02.06.2020 can be read here). It is only clear that such a pressure on the Company could be exerted only by an entity with all the administrative resources in this market segment, which can only be the first person of the relevant Ministry.

The described events take place at a time when the government is carrying out a total replacement of the leadership of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and is launching a full-scale process of bringing «predecessors» to justice.

Will new people be able to work in a new way, according to the law, and not according to contracts and criminal concepts? Will they justify the still existing credit of people’s trust in the new government? Today, this issue is the most important and, unfortunately, still open.

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