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Police are establishing the circumstances of the death of a man on the railway in Bilyaiv district

Crimean real estate is expensive, profitable and semi-legal. After Russia’s capture of the peninsula, the Cypriot company TMM Real Estate Development Public Limited became the owner of the Sevastopol Hotel in Yalta. However, the de facto boarding house continues to be owned by a Ukrainian developer, the founder of TMM. Who is helping a Ukrainian to do business in the occupied Crimea and how many taxes has he already paid to the Russian budget? Maria Gural found out.

However, Mykola Tolmachov flatly rejects the obvious facts of re-registration of the hotel and payment of taxes to the aggressor country.

«It is not true. You give me the answer, please, whose Crimea, and I will give you the answer to your question«, — the businessman told journalists.

Mr. Tolmachev claims: the hotel is not working Photo: StopCor

And after the question of whether the boarding house is working now, Mr. Tolmachev was confused: according to him, the boarding house allegedly ceased its activities in 2014, and now «does not function due to the coronavirus.»

However, it seems that visitors were simply forgotten to warn about the closure of the boarding house. In the footage that came to our editorial office, you can see the already familiar pool, which is located on the territory, but here are the same columns of the building. And attention — the video dates back to 2018.

Video confirms: the institution is functioning Photo: screenshot

And to book a room in the boarding house «Sevastopol» is also not a problem: when our reporters called the institution, they were offered a family room in the «velvet season» in September for a week for almost 60 thousand Russian rubles.

And another strong proof of the boarding house. According to the site, which provides information about companies registered in the Russian Federation, last year the hotel earned almost 3 million rubles, and in 2018 paid more than 700 thousand rubles in taxes to the budget of the aggressor country.

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