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«Podsadnoy» registrar stole land from the inhabitants of the Dnieper for 1.5 billion UAH. — Ukrainian news

The SBU is conducting searches.

Security service carried out searches in the city council of Dnipro and offices of the State geocadastre on the fact of illegal alienation of the land plots of the city worth 1,5 billion hryvnias, transfers Ukrainian truth.

According to the preliminary version, more than 500 land plots with a market value of 1.5 billion hryvnias were illegally transferred to the ownership of businessmen. According to the SBU, local government officials contributed to this.

In addition, investigators established the fact of destruction of cultural heritage in the city and the transfer of sites on which they were located, for commercial development.

Law enforcement officers also recorded the allocation of land, which was registered for the dead.

During the searches, they found documents proving the illegality of the actions of officials.

At the same time, the city council said that back in January 2020, sent applications to law enforcement agencies with a request to conduct a pre-trial investigation into the forgery of documents and the transfer of land ownership. Now the city council is the injured party.

A person who, according to forged documents, got a job as a state cadastral registrar of the department in the city of Dnipro and interfered in the work of the automated system of the State Land Cadastre is suspected of committing this crime.

The mayor’s office also said that a former city council manager could be involved in the crime.

«Currently, the Dnieper City Council is taking measures to return land plots of municipal property of the city through the implementation of claims work,» — said in a statement.

Thus, according to the mayor’s office, conducting searches in the premises of the city council seems strange, because they are the injured party.

It is noted that investigators planned to seize documents, the volume of which is about forty ten-ton trucks.

«Accordingly, there is every reason to believe that instead of bringing the perpetrators to justice, SBU investigators are making procedural decisions aimed at maximally delaying criminal proceedings in order to allow the perpetrators to avoid responsibility and make it impossible to return illegally seized communal property,» they said. the forests.

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