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Kolos agreed with Dynamo to hold a home game on the «possessions» of Kiev. This was reported by the official website of Dynamo.

In the last 32nd round of the Ukrainian Football Championship 2019/20 Kolos will host Dynamo in Kiev. The meeting will take place on Sunday, June 19, at the National Sports Complex «Olympic».

Representatives of the teams came to an understanding and decided to hold the last match in the main arena of the country.

Earlier, Kolos held his home games in Kiev at the Obolon Arena in connection with the reconstruction of his stadium «Kovalevka».

It should be noted that today, July 15, Kolos will play against Shakhtar in the 31st round of the UPL. Game will also be held at the NSC Olympic. Dynamo, in turn, tomorrow awaits the most important game with Dawn, which in fact will determine the future of Kiev in the European Cups.

Earlier it was reported that Dynamo players spend the night at the base before the game with Dawn.


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