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People’s Deputy goes to the Kyiv mayoral election from «Servant of the People» (photo, video)

In the village of Pavlyshi in the Kirovohrad region, a woman beat her former mother-in-law to death.

Kirovogradshyna vbyvstvo
Photo: Screenshot from the video

The drunken daughter-in-law decided to visit her ex-husband’s mother, and when the elderly woman refused to open the door, the attacker climbed into the house through the window.

The 91-year-old woman managed to ask for help by phone, but could not escape the beatings.

Police, who arrived at the call of a neighbor, managed to detain the inadequate attacker: she was pulling the body of a pensioner and shouting that she wanted to bury her.

«While the ambulance was driving, we provided first aid to the victim. However, unfortunately, she died while being transported to the hospital. « — said Acting head of the Onufriyivka police department Anton Spasov, reports «Facts».

Neighbors suggest that the reason for such an inhumane act of the daughter-in-law was the desire to take away the house where her mother-in-law lived. After her husband’s death, she claimed at least half of the house.

In court, Lyudmila said that she did not want to kill her mother-in-law, and all the injuries found on the body of the deceased, caused by accident.

If the grief-stricken daughter-in-law is proven guilty, she faces up to 15 years in prison.

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