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People’s Deputy from «SN» Kholodov lost a bet for 100 thousand hryvnias to the chairman of SPF Sennichenko

The head of the State Property Fund Dmytro Sennychenko and the deputy from the «Servant of the People» Andriy Kholodov fought for the privatization of the Dnipro Hotel. Kholodov lost and has to pay.

Photo: volynnews

Sennichenko wrote about this on Facebook, informs «Censor.NET».

«I offered you a bet: if we privatize Dnipro for less than 100 million (because you were very worried that we were underestimating the starting price to give the hotel away for nothing), then I will give 100,000 hryvnias or donate to charity. If we privatize for more than 250 million, then you, please, transfer UAH 100,000 to the Return Alive Fund. Sennichenko reminded Kholodov.

Now the head of the State Property Fund offers the deputy to keep his word. And even offers him to divide the amount in two.

«Let’s gladly hand over those 100,000 hryvnias to» Come Back Alive «. Together! I have half the amount. How are you?» He wrote.

At the time of publication, Kholodov had not yet responded to Sennichenko’s proposal.

It will be recalled that the tender for the privatization of the Dnipro Hotel was scheduled for spring 2020, but was postponed due to quarantine and the coronavirus epidemic.

As a result, the Dnipro Hotel was sold for UAH 1.1 billion.

«Servant of the people» Kholodov claims that the hotel was bought by Russian gambling tycoon Boyko through fictitious companies.

Journalist Andriy Bratushchak draws attention to the fact that the company that is registered in the old house in Brovary and declares $ 187 thousand of annual income has won the auction.

The head of SE «Prozorro. Sales «, which conducted the auction, Alexei Sobolev claims that the information about the purchase of the Dnieper hotel by Russian Boyko — is not true, because by law in the privatization can not use money from Russia.

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