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People’s Deputy from OPZZ organized a fictitious tender in parliament (photo)

A 33-year-old resident of Odessa was wanted by the state. Measures to detain him under the procedural guidance of the local prosecutor’s office were carried out by cyberpolice officers together with investigators from the GUNP’s investigative department.

It was established that the members of the group sold non-existent motorcycles and computer components using fictitious business entities on the Internet trading platform.

The functions of the resident of Odessa included the search for persons on whom bank cards were opened, the details of which were later used in the criminal scheme, as well as, starting in 2018, the withdrawal of money from bank cards under the supervision of the organizer.

Almost two dozen citizens suffered from the actions of fraudsters, they suffered losses amounting to more than half a million hryvnias.

Currently, investigators have announced the man’s suspicion under Part 4 of Art. 190 (fraud) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, and the Kyiv District Court of Odessa chose a measure of restraint in the form of detention with bail in the amount of 630,600 hryvnias.

Department for Combating Cybercrime in Odesa Oblast, DKP NPU


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