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Our Atlantic presented a new clip for writing about the manipulation of nowadays TB (Video) — Ukrainian News

New Cultures:Debut film directed by Miroslav Slaboshpitsky "Tribe" becoming a breakthrough in the national cinema.

In the end of the past rock, the picture "Tribe" was 50 times shorter for the ten-year version of the prestigious Rolling Stone, based on the middle of the Hollywood paintings by the director. Vona went on rental in 2014, and from that hour, as it was available for free on YouTube 2015, she set a record number of views for the Ukrainian movie — 50 miles.

Expertise means that such a success was not reached by the working robot of scriptwriters. Varto means that the drama "The Tribe" has started to get bigger, lower than average, didn’t pay attention to the rating in cinemas, as well as selling discs and recording and viewing on paid platforms.

What about the movie of Miroslav Slaboshpitsky "The Tribe"?

For two years, you won’t smell any words. On the screen there’s a gesture and a dubbing dubbing or subtitle. The picture of the rose’s dramatic history and internat for the hearing loss of hearing. Here you can pan out your laws and rights to visit the Holy Land, and you need to be one of the “tribes”. At fіlmі є і love, і і інтриги, і unpicked zhorstokіst і violence.

Cosmic Force: In the least, a teaser for the new Netflix serial (Video)

All the actors, they won in the picture deaf. Before filming with them there isn’t any of them. Підлітків the director is joking around the country in mortgages for children with hearing loss.