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Open-air dictation on the Ukrainian language took place on Primorsky Boulevard (photo) | Odessa news

About a hundred people took part in the event as part of the «Vyshyvanka Festival».

On August 23, an open-air dictation in the Ukrainian language took place in Odessa. Odessans of all ages took part in it. The youngest participant is 9 years old. The organizers adhered to all quarantine restrictions: they seated the participants at a safe distance and measured their temperature.

The announcer was the Odessa poet Andrei Khaetskiy, who read the text entitled «Dawn by the Sea», consisting of 180 words. He noted that this time the text was not complicated, both from the side of spelling and punctuation, and conveyed the seasonal mood of Odessa during the transition from summer to autumn.

The winners of the competition will be awarded tomorrow at 4 pm on Primorsky Boulevard. They will be presented with flash drives, headphones and bluetooth speakers.

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