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One match of the 1/4 finals of the Ukrainian Women’s Football Cup took place

At the quarterfinal stage of the Cup of Ukraine-2019/2020 in football among women’s teams, only one match out of four was played.

The match between Zhilstroy-1 (Kharkiv) and Mariupol ended with a convincing victory of Kharkiv women — 5: 0, reports press service UAF.

Zhilstroy-1 reached the semifinals of the tournament.

The matches between Voskhod (Staraya Mayachka) — Panthers (Uman) and Zhilstroy-2 (Kharkov) — Ladomir (Vladimir-Volynsky) did not take place according to the refusal letters from Panthers and Ladomir. The materials on the non-departure of these teams will be submitted to the UAF Control and Disciplinary Committee.

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The game «Unity» (Pliski) — «Yatran» (Brest) did not take place due to the refusal of «Unity».

We will add that the semifinals of the Cup are scheduled for September 2, the final — on September 30.



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