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On August 26, a number of houses in the village of Kotovsky will not have water all day | Odessa news

The water supply will be restored at 23:30.

As the branch «Infoxvodokanal» informs, in connection with the need to carry out repair work on the main water pipeline August 26 from 09:00 to 23:30 water supply to consumers of the following city streets will be stopped:

Ak.Zabolotny, 54-66 / 2 and 57-67 / 2, 77a, 83/1, Ak. Sakharova, 26-36 and 1-3, Marselskaya, 32-46 / 3, S. Paliya, 73-111.

Phone for inquiries: 705-55-05, 068-905-55-05, 066-905-55-05, 093-17-00-155 (around the clock)

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