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Odessa police prosecuted the administration of an entertainment establishment for selling tobacco and alcohol without a license

The girl and her mother came to Mariupol to visit relatives. Yesterday she went to her grandfather in the neighboring village of Kalynivka, Volnovakha district, and disappeared. Police searched for the child all night. In the morning it turned out that she got lost and walked all night in Mariupol. Everything is fine with the girl, now she is with her family.

On July 13, a Mariupol resident who has recently been living in Germany asked the Volnovakha Police Department to find her 16-year-old daughter. The child went to a nearby summer cottage cooperative at about 2 p.m. and did not return. She did not have a mobile phone with her.

An investigative task force and a dog handler with a service dog arrived at the scene immediately. Orientation with signs of the missing was given to all pedestrian and car outfits, employees of checkpoints. Police checked stations and bus stations.

The search for the child did not stop at night. In the morning the girl returned home. It turned out that on the way to her grandfather she got lost, bought sweets and decided to walk around the city.

No offenses were committed against the minor. The police had a preventive talk with the traveler and her mother.


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