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Odessa communal workers showed how they struggle with ragweed | Odessa news

Employees of the «Horzelentrest» conducted a demonstration raid.

Employees of the municipal enterprise «Gorzelentrest» showed reporters methods of combating ragweed.

According to Vladimir Khroma, chief engineer of the Gorzeneltrest utility, the most common methods for controlling ragweed are chemical, biological, and mechanical. Chemical is banned in Ukraine, so only two remain, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

“Physical we use when the area of ​​overgrowth with ambrosia is small. Roughly speaking, we can manually tear out single bushes, or mow a lawn mower in a small area. The biological method is the treatment of plants with a special drug, bischofite. 10 minutes after treatment, ragweed begins to fade, after two weeks it dies completely, not having time to bloom. Bischofite is safe for other plants and people. This method is more efficient and simpler, but it is more costly — depending on the amount and size of ragweed, the processing of one square meter costs from 10 to 15 hryvnias, ”said Khroma.

The period of struggle with ragweed — from the moment of its growth, approximately from the middle of summer, until the end of its flowering in October.

Note that ragweed is a weed, pollen of some causes strong allergenic reactions in people prone to allergies. In addition, the plant harms agriculture because it consumes a lot of water and minerals from the soil.

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