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«Nothing»: the public budget commission blocks projects for people with disabilities

Kyiv State City Administration hinders the implementation of public initiatives and discredits the idea of ​​a participatory budget. The Public Budget Commission blocks projects on absurd grounds and violates the provisions of the City Council regarding the public budget of Kyiv. This was announced by Volodymyr Cheslavskyi, an activist of the Stop Corruption NGO.

Negative conclusion of GBC on the project № 955

Like other concerned Kyivites, Volodymyr and his team submitted their project for consideration, but the «democratic» process of distribution of funds turned out, as Volodymyr noted, «for their own.» The project concerned children with mental disorders. Czeslawski’s team initiated the creation of the Center for Cognitive Development for Children with Mental Disorders and, in particular, calculated funds to pay for the services of relevant specialists.

Initially, the location of the project was changed from citywide to district. And then the reason for rejecting the project was to pay for the services of specialists. The Public Budget Commission came to the conclusion that payment for work is the distribution of material goods, which is prohibited by the Regulations on the Public Budget of the City of Kyiv.

Volodymyr Cheslavskyi’s complaint to GBK

At the same time, a large number of projects include such items as the distribution of T-shirts, cups or other awards, providing coffee breaks and lunches at the expense of the city budget. Nevertheless, GBK does not consider such things to be the distribution of material goods.

«According to the moderator with whom I spoke, the salary for the work performed in the implementation of the public budget, including its salary, is the distribution of material values. The absolute lack of motivation of such generalizations indicates a lack of understanding of the subject. Yes, wages are paid for any project! Involvement of specialists for the equipment of school classrooms, sports grounds, dumps for dog excrement, etc. involves the use of human labor, which will create a particular object of GB «, — said Vladimir Cheslavsky.

During the whole examination, no one contacted the team, the project was never sent for revision. And even after Volodymyr’s complaint, they were in no hurry to consider it.

GBC grounds for project rejection № 955

Finally, the team leader was invited to a meeting of the Public Budget Commission, where the complaint was to be considered. But at least somehow they were not able to defend their project. And representatives of the Pechersk district council at first did not get in touch at all.

«I tried to talk about my project, but the chairman turned off the microphone and, as if calling on Gogol’s Via, as if fascinated, repeated:» Pechersk RSA, are you here? » There was a long pause that lasted more than 5 minutes. During this time, I could tell something about the project, but to me turned off microphone», — Mr. Cheslavsky told.

In the end, the project was finally rejected. According to Volodymyr, this is not the only project for people with disabilities that has not passed the GBC examination.

«Unmotivated discrimination of projects for people with disabilities is obvious. It is especially cynical when they do it against those who have no way to defend themselves. «, — the activist noted.

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