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new clip of Svetlana Loboda collects dislikes (Video) — Ukrainian News

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda yesterday, July 30, released a video for a track with the rapper PHARAOH. Fans of the stars were disappointed and criticized the singer’s new video work.

The scriptwriter and showman Alexander Gudkov with his team worked on the creation of the video. Many celebrities were invited to shoot: Lolita Milyavskaya, Ksenia Sobchak, Ekaterina Varnava, Ida Galich, Varvara Shmykova, Maria Minogarova, PHARAOH, Dina Saeva, Karina Cross, Chuma Party, Verona, Laurent, Yulia Koval, Bicholla Tetradze.

But even such a bright star cast did not help the singer to win fans. During the day, the clip has collected 40 thousand likes and twice as many dislikes. The comments are also not particularly positive.

«How to unsee this? «,» Just the worst clip in 2020 «,» Give back 6 minutes of my life «,» Some kind of horror. If this is music, then I prefer to live without it at all «,» It seems that I have not died yet, but for some reason already in hell … why ????? « — write under the video.

Also, attentive listeners noticed a lot of borrowed ideas in Loboda’s video. For example, bright red lips on a black background have already met in Britney Spears’ video, and the hairstyle in the form of a woman’s breast, like that of Ksenia Sobchak, was invented not by the director of the video Sasha Gudkov, but by photographer Ali Mahdavi. Details from Ariana Grande’s music videos were also spotted.

«#BOOMBOOM is our challenge to society with its pseudo-morality and our collective madness with Gudkov inside your unconscious!“, — wrote about the video Svetlana Loboda in her Instagram.

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