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Near the Dnieper the road collapsed at the entrance to the bridge (photo)

Iran has claimed responsibility for the downing of Ukraine International Airlines near Tehran and is ready to negotiate compensation.

MAU Iran

This was stated by the head of the Aviation Organization of Iran Turaji Zanganeh, reports Ukrinform referring to «IRNA».

«Negotiations on issues related to the crash of the Ukrainian plane, including the issue of compensation, were key in these negotiations. The next meeting is scheduled for October in Tehran. « — he said.

Zanganeh added that Iran had claimed responsibility for the UIA plane crash: «There is no doubt that Iran has claimed responsibility for this mistake, so it is fully prepared to negotiate compensation.»

As reported, on January 8, 2020, after takeoff from Tehran airport, a missile shot down a Boeing-737 of Ukraine International Airlines flying PS752 on the Tehran-Kiev route. There were 176 people on board: 167 passengers and nine crew members. They all died. Among them are 11 Ukrainians — two passengers and nine crew members. Also among the dead — citizens of Iran, Canada, Sweden, Afghanistan, Great Britain.

On July 18, Iran sent «black boxes» to Paris from a Ukrainian UIA passenger plane shot down in January. Later, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yevhen Yenin said that the flight recorders had been successfully read and deciphered, and the transcript confirmed the fact of illegal interference.

Negotiations on compensation for Iran’s downing of Ukraine’s PS752 flight took place in Kyiv on July 30 with the participation of the Iranian delegation.

On July 31, the Prosecutor General’s Office announced that the next round of talks with Iran on the investigation of the Tehran-Kyiv flight crash is scheduled for October.

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