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NASA has announced the date of the launch of the space mission to Mars

Reports about it NASA website.

«The next opportunity to launch is scheduled for July 30 at 7:50 am Eastern Time (14:50 Kyiv time — ed.)», — said in a statement by the US space agency.

Now the team preparing for the launch of the spacecraft «Mars 2020» is working to deliver the rover «Perseverance» to the launch pad, according to NASA.

They added that the launch date may change depending on the test results of all ship systems, weather conditions, as well as other factors. In general, the launch is expected to take place no later than August 15.

The Mars 2020 spacecraft with the Perseverance rover, as well as other equipment and machinery, is scheduled to be launched into space by the Atlas V-541 rocket carrier from the launch complex at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

It will be recalled that the Atlas V is one of the most powerful carriers for interplanetary flights. This is the same type of rocket that launched the InSight and Curiosity projects to Mars.



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