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Mourinho called the decision on Manchester City a «shame»

Jermale Charlo is confident in his victory and knockout in a duel with the Ukrainian.

WBC welterweight world champion Jermall Charlo claims that he has not yet agreed on a fight with Sergei Derevyanchenko.

«We are waiting for the opportunity to win major battles soon. A duel with Derevyanchenko? This is just another battle, for which you need to develop another plan. We must carry out the plan and do our job.

Derevyanchenko is a tough guy, now he is the first number in the rankings. This is what helps our fight.

I saw him knock out many opponents. Against him, people try to fuss, fall into the trap of some tricks they have never seen before. But I do not leave the outcome of the fight to the judges. I will try to knock him out.

I am a better knockout than his opponents. They were looking for a jab, but I have a lot more punches in my arsenal. When I put it together, do my best, there’s nothing to worry about. It will be an entertaining night.

We must continue to work and win. My fights, my victories and the things I do speak for themselves. I don’t need to explain anything to people.

But the deal on the fight with Sergei is not yet fully completed. So far, negotiations are just underway, and I can say little about it. I want to fight the best.

Whatever rumors have reached you, I don’t even know if they should be trusted. Derevyanchenko is one of those who is on our radar. He is just one of the fighters whose candidacies we are discussing when it comes to ratings.

You never know what the sanctioning body will do. I’m a world champion, do you know? There are many different factors that can play a role. Because of the coronavirus, no one is in a hurry to return to boxing, but when everything returns to normal, you will see a better version of me as I train. I never take a break, ”Germalla was quoted as saying by boxingnews24, citing the podcast The Pug and Copp Boxing Show.

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Earlier it was reported that Derevyanchenko and Charlo are close to concluding the deal.

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