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More than 100 kg of amber seized in Volyn, which a citizen tried to take to the Republic of Poland (PHOTOS)

A 39-year-old man was exposed by operatives of the Khmelnytsky police department in the theft from the entrance of a high-rise building on Serednaya Bicycle Street. And during the conversation with the malefactor, it became clear that he also broke into one of the service stations on Bugaivska Street and stole a mobile phone from there.

The gadget was returned to the owner by the police, and the bicycle, which the offender managed to hand over to the pawnshop, is still being searched.

«On both facts of theft in the territorial police department, investigators began proceedings under Part 1 of Art. 185 and Part 3 of Art. 185 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. The defendant faces up to six years in prison, «said the acting Chief of the Khmelnytsky Police Department Oleksandr Milchuk.

Malinovsky police department in Odessa


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