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Monatik presenting a clip to the message "Strongly" (Video) — Ukrainian News

Popular Ukrainian spіvak Monatіk spritely on a daily tour graphіk, participation in charity projects, zokrema, "Voice of the country-10", і creativity. 26 a fierce artist presenting a klip to the writing "Strongly", a little who even got into the sound of yogi shanuvalnikіv.

I want the famous Ukrainian post not to be in the video, all the video has turned the respect of coristuvachiv at least.

At zyomki, the artist asked for a model Anna Shut to become familiar with, as if at the virtual studio. Spilno with the director Taneyu Muinne Monatik show show the magic of zakanosti, if people are busy, what is the best of kokhany — all the more barbaric dream.

"I love it, if you love me very much, have some good time and sleep well, you will be beautiful, you will be scared. There’s nothing at all. I’m pretty and good, I really want to be amazed at all times. I knew the cordon, the fear and the hope, that I would like to awaken my creative work, the portraits of which I want to know a little and know you so that I could have a gift, I’ve got a gift, got caught up, didn’t say anything, I’ve heard, but pisn. yak, it’s great to navigate with a glance, zrozumіti, scho sleep boo lishe slightly gіperb Olivuvav your bars and I’ll see the gravity of the day, and all the more you need to be awake in reality.There is a robot for the whole process. I’ll fall in love. I’ll fall into space, I’m like to love"- meaning Monatik.

#MONATIK2020 team: Monatik recorded the track with the participants of “Voice of the Country” (Video)

Anna is jestery. She is fasting before glances in an erysipelas costume with a horse-drawn top. For the plot, the devil’s fall in the daytime and the night in the virtual world, in the process of the fall of the primitive mask and the nightmare. However, for the most part, the dream of a worn woman, a yak turn into reality Monatik.

All your portrait. Vіrnіshe, the process of goal-building and emotion, has caught up with me all the time in melody, leave them in a happy dream. Yakby's words could become a picture, I would have painted such a thing for you. Even beautiful — Dodav Monatik.

Lyric track "Strongly" uvіyshov in the third solo album "LOVE IT Rhythm". Itself with the price of Monatics, having a great tour of the cities of Ukraine and the world.