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Militiamen reported suspicion of official negligence to the chief doctor of one of Kharkiv medical institutions

On Wednesday, July 15, 2020, Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova addressed a sitting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Law Enforcement. She informed the deputies about the progress of the reform of the prosecutor’s office, coordination measures to organize the work of the law enforcement system and the results of activities.

The Prosecutor General informed the parliamentarians that the last stage of attestation of regional prosecutor’s offices is underway — interviews are being held.

«Professional ethics, integrity and professional skills are important criteria in the certification of prosecutors. They are given special attention during interviews. It is important for us to keep professional staff. Upon completion of the certification of regional prosecutors, the regional prosecutor’s offices will start working. Currently, preparations have been organized for the certification of local prosecutors, which is planned for August-December this year, «Iryna Venediktova stressed.

She also added that the Office of the Prosecutor General is already recruiting specialists from outside the system who have been selected and trained at the Training Center. The second recruitment of specialists who did not work in the prosecutor’s office has been announced.

«Together with partners from the Council of Europe, we, on the basis of 2 regional and 3 local prosecutor’s offices, conduct a functional and organizational analysis of their work to form a holistic vision and determine the vector of their further reform. The organizational model of the new prosecutor’s office is not only certifications and selections, but also the development of people — it is very important for us to develop prosecutors. We will do this on the basis of the Training Center and in the framework of international cooperation, so that in the context of globalization we are truly competitive in the global market and in the fight against international crime, «the Prosecutor General added.

Iryna Venediktova informed the members of the Committee that in September the Office of the Prosecutor General plans to present to the deputies the strategy for the development of the prosecutor’s office.

The Prosecutor General spoke about the effectiveness of coordination measures to organize the work of the law enforcement system. Thus, in the last four months, two coordination and five joint meetings were held with the heads of law enforcement and other state bodies on combating crime.

«Thanks to the coordination measures taken, we have managed to maintain a steady trend to reduce the number of criminal offenses, reduce the number of particularly serious crimes and intensify the activities of law enforcement agencies to detect crimes against the environment,» the Prosecutor General concluded.

Iryna Venediktova stressed that today prosecutors, representing the state in court, protect its interests in the amount of more than 30 billion hryvnias.

The parliamentarians took note of the information of the Prosecutor General and expressed readiness to regularly discuss the activities of the prosecutor’s office, their development and reform strategies. Speaking about the cooperation with the Office of the Prosecutor General, the members of the Committee noted positive changes in this direction, in particular, regarding the response to the deputies’ appeals.

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