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Militiamen blocked activity of Call-centers by means of which swindlers deceived clients of banks

Serhiy Varlamov, who drives the cars of the security company Samson, whose representatives are involved in racketeering, kidnapping and murder, demands money from Odessa developers. A businessman who suffers from Varlamov’s regular demands told StopCor about this.

Varlamov Babenko Samson
Varlamov and Babenko Illustration: StopCor

«Varlamov’s main source of income is large Odessa developers. He has been getting them for a long time with so-called protests, which he holds either on construction sites or just under the sales departments of recently handed over objects. «, — the interlocutor of edition told.

According to him, the purpose of the so-called «shares» is simple: to force the developer to pay, intimidating his potential customers.

«No one wants to discuss what’s going on in public. Everyone is afraid that these thugs are capable of anything. However, companies such as Hephaestus, Megaline, Budova, Integralbud, Hanber, Sosnovy Bereg, Tairovski Sady, Binom-ST know what it’s like to be a victim of Varlamov and his gang », — the insider noted.

The owner of Samson is Andriy Babenko, a former Berkut member nicknamed Samson. In 2017, several criminal proceedings were opened against him for violence against a law enforcement officer and hooliganism. Mr. Babenko is also blacklisted in the Peacemaker database.

Illustration: from open sources

In Odessa itself, the reputation of the security agency «Samson» very ambiguous. According to Vitaliy Glodok, head of the local NGO Ukraine is Us, the firm is an outspoken organized criminal group with a clear hierarchy. And it is «covered» by its deputy chief of the main department of national police in the Odessa region Sergey Makhotin.

According to a StopCor insider, Babenko and Varlamov are building ambitious political plans.

In particular, Babenko will run in the 2020 local elections from the Batkivshchyna political party. Varlamov seems to have launched an active PR campaign.

«They can severely damage the party’s image. Thanks to people like Varlamov, many Odessans associate the concept of «patriot activist» exclusively with negativity, dismantling and extortion. None of the publicized actions, organized under the guise of «saving Odessa», led to anything, the results — zero. The kiosks both stood on the beaches and still stand, the barriers also did not disappear. It is especially unpleasant that they use minors and drug addicts in their business, who are ready to demolish fences and carry out any orders for a few hundred hryvnias. ”, — the source emphasized.

Varlamov advertises before the election Photo: Facebook

It is noteworthy that in mid-January this year, the city of Kropyvnytskyi was outraged by the story, which again involved the company «Samson». The executor took 5 thousand hryvnias for kidnapping the child just from the school premises. The fact that the operation was planned was confirmed to us by the mother herself. She admitted that she paid money to security guards from the company «Samson» for such special services — five thousand hryvnias.

Photo: screenshot

It should be noted that the issue of revoking the license of this scandalous Odessa security company is currently being resolved in the capital.

According to the insider, patience finally ran out, because there are enough reasons to revoke the license.

«Samson’s guys are playing a double game. They get a job in the company, study the situation from the inside and look for an excuse to create problems. When everything is ready and the «client» is in a panic — a representative of the security company appears and offers to «solve the issue», — the source tells.

The interlocutor assures: Samson employees have long been earning on extortion and raiding, ignoring even the fact that people may be affected.

«Last year, a security guard of this company hit a visitor to the Granat cafe on Katerynynska Street in Odesa. Another case — when «Samson» severely beat visitors to a nightclub in the Black Sea «.

Note that the account of the «guards» from the Odessa company «Samson» — raids on businesses, racketeering, robbery and even death.

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