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Military coup in Mali: President announces his resignation

This is stated in articles Director of the Central and Eastern Europe Department of the Berlin Branch of the Marshall Jörg Forbrig Foundation, Ukrinform reports.

Ahead of the extraordinary EU summit on August 19, he said that given the internal confrontation in Belarus, «international impulses and initiatives are needed to break the deadlock.» The expert points out that in fact Lukashenko acknowledged this when he called on Russia to help his regime last weekend.

«The EU must use its forthcoming summit to signal and show its support for its immediate neighbor in urgent need,» Forbrig wrote.

According to him, the European Union can take six steps to help Belarus find a peaceful way out of the situation, reduce the risks of escalation and move towards the progress that the country’s citizens demand — and deserve.

First, the communiqué of the EU summit should confirm solidarity with the Belarusian people, make it clear that the election was illegitimate and that the brutality of the security forces was unacceptable. And at the same time to note the courage of peaceful protesters and their right to choose the future of their country. The EU should also demand the release of thousands of detainees still in prison, the expert said. In addition, financial and humanitarian support for victims of political repression, legal aid, and medical and psychological rehabilitation need to be strengthened.

Second, the EU must resolutely oppose Lukashenko’s narrative of alleged Western interference in Belarusian events. In recent days, the politician has accused EU countries of plotting a «color revolution» to overthrow him, and NATO of concentrating forces along Belarus’s western borders to attack the country. His clear intention is to mobilize Russia for his support, the author of the article writes, noting that the internal contradiction will not be resolved if it is turned into an international conflict.

Third, dialogue between the regime, the political opposition and civil society in Belarus must be demanded. The EU countries propose to start such a dialogue under the auspices of the OSCE and the ODIHR. The European Union should encourage Russia to this initiative, the expert said. He is convinced that the Kremlin has realized that Lukashenko cannot be kept in power, and that he is not needed to continue relations between Belarus and Russia. The change of government is also in the interests of the Kremlin.

Fourth, unilateral intervention or even invasion of Belarus, as some in Moscow speculate, “is likely to have catastrophic consequences, destroying another post-Soviet republic, alienating Belarusians from Russians, and creating another hot spot in the EU-Russia neighborhood. «, — it is said in the article. Therefore, the author writes, it is necessary for the EU to make it clear that Russia’s tough approach to Belarus is not acceptable, and it will encounter an adequate European sanctions reaction.

Fifth, the EU must clearly demand a re-run in the presidential election in Belarus and be prepared to fund a strong monitoring mission.

Finally, Forbrig concludes, the European Union must now begin preparing a «generous stabilization package» that will allow the next government, whatever it may be, to govern Belarus stably both economically and politically.

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