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Matt Rivz featuring Robert Pattinson in the image of Batman

New Cultures:On screen from # 039; appear in sight of the canon of the canons of the Dark Lord, including Pinguin, Zhinka-kishka, Carmine Falconet and the Mystery Book.

The director of the new “Batman”, Mett Rіvz, is a short video, on top of which you can beat Robert Pattinson in the clothing of the Dark Lyceum.

Varto mean, you don’t need the personnel for the famous Maidan, but more than the test video. The design of the presented costume can, in the furthest sense, be recognized as a servant, but for Denmark, the moment of war is a mitsna black armor with a traditional icon shown on the chest.

Published by Rivz video in chervon tones, ale scrupulous shanuvalniki even got to translate the image into a black and white gamut, so that you can more clearly see the details of the new bet-costume.

Zyomki "Betman" of_its_yno kicked off 28 days. The new picture doesn’t mean that one version is about the Dark Licensor’s campaign — the deputy of Rivos to get to see Betman’s hats wrestling with vulgar zolochintsy before the legendary superhero, becoming a patron of the whole.

Gold Raspberries 2020: Named Challengers for Anti-Prize

In Maybut film 30-bit Betman, he must take the stage to act like a detective, so as to open a large-scale zlochinnu serpent, along the way, we sort out the vivid identity and designations.

At the rental "Batman" there are 24 worms 2021 rooku.

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