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Maidan cases: a police officer was reportedly suspected of persecuting protesters

A single approach to the formation of the management staff will be applied in all territorial departments of the DBR. In particular, the TU will be headed by the director and two deputies — one from the investigator, the other — from operational work. In this case, all managers will belong to the leadership of the DBR. This was announced by Acting Director of the State Bureau of Investigation Alexander Sokolov.

The current directors and deputy heads of territorial administrations, who are civil servants according to the previous staff structure, are currently receiving notifications on the liquidation of civil service positions and the introduction of senior management positions.

«The reorganization will allow us to bring the structure of territorial administrations to a single standard, to increase the efficiency of their work. The current heads of the Technical University can take part in an open competition and, in case of victory, continue to serve in the DBR in the same positions, «said Alexander Sokolov.

Advertisement on the competition for the positions of director and deputy directors of territorial offices of the State Bureau of Investigation was published on the official website of the DBR on July 17.

In addition, according to the head of the DBR, it is planned to review the staffing of individual territorial administrations in order to more evenly distribute the burden on investigators. Thus, if one TU investigator in Kyiv has an average of 90 criminal proceedings, then, for example, in Melitopol, this figure is 9 cases per investigator.

We remind you that the structure of the State Bureau of Investigation includes 7 territorial offices located in Kyiv, Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Melitopol, Mykolayiv, Poltava and Kramatorsk, whose activities extend to the entire territory of Ukraine.

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