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Maidan cases: A police investigator is suspected of prosecuting a notoriously innocent man during the 2014 protests in Cherkasy

Under the procedural guidance of the Zhytomyr Oblast Prosecutor’s Office, an indictment was approved and sent to court against the head of a law enforcement unit for illegal acquisition, storage for sale, and resale of especially dangerous narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (Part 2, Article 307 of the Criminal Code).

The pre-trial investigation established that the head of one of the inter-district sectors of the Department for Combating Drug Crime of the National Police in Zhytomyr region during September-October 2019 illegally stored for sale and sold drugs and psychotropic substances. During the investigative (search) actions, law enforcement officers documented the sale of two packages of poppy straw weighing a total of 107 g and methadone weighing 0.116 g.

In addition, during the detention of the police officer, 7 packages with the drug methadone weighing 0.68 g and one package with amphetamine weighing 0.35 g were found and seized.

The pre-trial investigation in the criminal proceedings was carried out by the territorial department of the DBR, located in Khmelnytsky, with the operational support of the Department of Internal Security in the field of DVB of the National Police of Ukraine.

Note: in accordance with Art. 62 of the Constitution of Ukraine, a person is presumed innocent of committing a crime and may not be subjected to criminal punishment until his guilt is proved in a lawful manner and established by a court conviction.

The press service of the Prosecutor’s Office of Zhytomyr region


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