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«Maidan Affairs»: DBR investigators reported suspicion to the head of the investigation department of the Smilyansk police

On August 19, law enforcement officers received a report that a building on the street Bulvarno-Kudryavska, 27. It was there that the meeting of the founders of three companies was to take place: Petrus-Alco LLC, Petrus-Confectioner LLC and Petrus Investbud LLC, organized by Mykola Petrenko. By a strange coincidence, Petrenko himself did not appear at the meeting, allegedly aware of the potential threat.

Petrenko Mikola
Illustration: StopCor

This building belongs to the State Property Fund of Ukraine, where the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the National Academy of Medical Sciences is located. Nevertheless, neither members of the public nor journalists were allowed to attend the open meeting of the founders. People’s Deputy Mykola Stefanchuk, who is a member of the Committee on Legal Policy and one of the co-authors of a number of anti-raider laws, was able to get inside only after long disputes with security.

Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics NAMS Photo: Vicky

It is noteworthy that some others managed to enter — to journalists of the pro-Russian edition «Vesti», which were invited by the party organizers Mykola Petrenko.

As told Stefanchuk, he was approached by one of the parties, who said that he was worried about the possible illegal holding of the meeting and was extremely worried that a raider attack would not take place.

Stefanchuk Mikola
Mykola Stefanchuk Photo: StopCor

The police were also involved. According to the lawyer of one of the parties, Olena Frolova, in order to fix numerous violations of the meeting procedure, she had to call the police — there was no other way, because the road to the public and the media was defended by chubby men.

«The meeting is as follows: when asked to record in the minutes my objections to holding it without proper notification of the third party, the other party tells me» we will not «. Due to the fact that neither the media nor the public are allowed inside, there is no other way to record this than to call the police. The third participant is not even recorded in the protocol. «, — she emphasized.

Olena Frolova
Elena Frolova Photo: StopCor

According to her, the lawyer represents the owner of 50% of the assets. The initiator of the meeting is Mykola Petrenko, who has 25%. The third party was not notified of the event at all.

Public activists, who were not allowed into the premises, said that the situation was very similar to an attempt to seize the raid — to redistribute the assets of companies and appoint pocket directors.

Petrenko speaks activists
The public and media were not allowed into the premises Photo: StopCor

It should be noted that yesterday was the first attempt to hold a meeting, but after long clashes and an attack on the representatives of «Stop Corruption», they were declared to have failed. In particular, at a door the push and the man who wasn’t named was formed, forcibly repelled the media, and also pinched the human rights activist’s leg with a door.

Relevant statements were written to the police on this fact. Currently, law enforcement officers of the Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv are resolving the issue of opening a case under Article 171 of the Criminal Code «Obstruction of the lawful professional activity of journalists.»

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