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Lyashko told when Ukrainians will be able to be vaccinated against coronavirus

In agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office of Kharkiv region, an indictment was sent to the court against the director of the contractor for negligence, which caused serious consequences (Part 2 of Article 367 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

As reported earlier, during the pre-trial investigation it was established that in December 2018 the director of the company, using his official powers, entered into a subcontract with a contractor for the construction of a medical clinic in Chuguiv district of Kharkiv region. The customer of the works was one of the village councils of the specified district.

The director of the subcontractor LLC organized the execution of construction works in smaller volumes and with the use of less construction materials than indicated in the design and estimate documentation. To receive payment, the said man provided the contractor with a certificate of work performed, without notifying the discrepancy between the work actually performed and the amount of materials used.

In turn, the director of the contractor company, dishonest in his official duties, did not carry out technical supervision and did not control the quality of work performed. He handed over the relevant documents to the head of the village council, on the basis of which the payment was transferred to the subcontractor’s current account.

The total amount of damages caused to the state by these actions of the director of the contractor is almost 600 thousand UAH.

Pre-trial investigation is carried out by SU GUNP in the Kharkiv region, operational support — USBU in the Kharkiv region.

The accused faces imprisonment for a term of two to five years with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years and with a fine of two hundred and fifty to seven hundred and fifty non-taxable minimum incomes or without such.

The press service of the Prosecutor’s Office of Kharkiv region


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