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Losses to the state for 100 million hryvnias: SBU exposed the scheme of Ukrtransbezpek executors

Pseudo-guards were interrogated, aunts from the factory were expelled. Currently, there is peace and quiet at the Bratsk Butter Factory, and workers are recovering from the armed assault that took place yesterday, August 24. Sergey Shaikhet, the chief of GU NP in the Nikolaev area told about it in the comment of «StopKor».

zahoplennya zavodu Mikolaev
Illustration: StopCor

«At about 6-7 am, the police received a call with the message that a group of young men up to 30 people broke the windows and broke into the factory with weapons and sticks. It was decided to urgently raise the alarm. Some time later, it was also decided to send special forces there. It turned out that a group of representatives of security companies and young men of athletic build decided on the basis of a court decision, but without a bailiff, to break into the plant on the weekend and try to block it. Subsequently, all «athletes» were detained and sent to the regional department. After the inspection, weapons and sticks were seized from the scene. «, — he told.

Photo: StopCor

Shaikhet noted that criminal proceedings had been instituted under Article 206 of the Criminal Code (opposition to lawful economic activity). The investigation into the case is ongoing, all participants are being interrogated. Security guards were interviewed. Most of them refused to give explanations. The «athletes» were not detained.

We will add, today activists of «Stop corruption» arrived to Nikolaev to understand a situation. There was a raid by government agencies. In particular, they talked to representatives of the police, the prosecutor’s office, as well as the deputy head of the regional state administration.

zahoplennya zavodu Mikolaev
Photo: StopCor

We will remind, on August 24 it was committed an attempt to seize the Bratsk butter press people of brothers Vasyl and Anatoliy Dotsenko. The national police of the Nikolaev area together with fighters of special unit «TOR» carried out assault and didn’t allow to block the enterprise.

Vasyl Dotsenko is a former owner of the plant. He lost his authority when the company went bankrupt. Currently, the Bratsk Oil Press Plant is in the process of liquidation, and Inter.Oil LLC is the manager.

Vasil Dotsenko
Vasyl Dotsenko Photo: screenshot

However, the former owner decided to use force to regain the company. So far, the attempt has failed.

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