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Lopetega’s words before the Europa League final — Ukrainian news

The Ivorian noted that the Spanish coach is not coping with his task.

Former Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure, who was not on the best of terms with Pep Guardiola, said he believed the coach was not as successful in his position.

«This coach was invited to win the title (Champions League). When you look at Liveprul and the other teams that took the Champions League without much expense, it disappoints you.

He was invited so that he could take a significant trophy, but it turns out not as Man City wants. Everyone understands that Guardiola is a great mentor, but if things don’t go as planned, something needs to change, ”the Ivorian was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

In four years, led by the English team, Josep Guardiola can not overcome the quarterfinal stage of the main European club tournament. Journalists linked this to the African curse that was imposed on the ICU because of the ugly parting with Tour.


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